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پخش تلویزیونی دیدار جمعی از جانبازان قطع نخاعی و بالای ۷۰ درصد با رهبر انقلاب؛ هم اکنون؛ شبکه یک سیما

📷پوستر انگلیسی👆

Ayatollah Khamenei:
On this day, we should prepare ourselves for entering the gate of humility before God. Our hearts sometimes become dusty and tarnished. Supplication, humility, dhikr and reliance on God clear away this dust and rust. Certain days are excellent opportunities for clearing away this dust and rust- one of the best of which is the Day of #Arafah.

With a painful heart and commiserating with the bereaved, I offer my condolences on this tragic incident to the pure soul of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to Imam of the Time and to all suffering losses and all the mournful in the whole world of Islam, particularly in Iran.
*Part of message of Leader of Revolution on Mina tragedy.